June 03, 2016

Anachron and Order2Cash e-Invoicing solutions recognised as Certified PEPPOL Access Points

Damian Leslie  

Official PEPPOL Access Point

Anachron and it’s Order2Cash invoicing solutions have been officially recognised as Certified PEPPOL Access Points.

What is PEPPOL?
OpenPEPPOL is a non-profit international association that consists of both public and private sector members and operates under Belgian law (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif – AISBL). The PEPPOL project was initiated in 2008 with the aim of simplifying electronic procurement across European borders by developing technology standards that can be implemented across all governments within the region. Its overall objective is to enable businesses to communicate electronically with any European government institution in the procurement process, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Membership is open to public and private organisations interested in the adoption of standardised e-Procurement solutions and EU-wide connectivity. PEPPOL is currently being implemented in several European countries and interest is now increasing outside of the EU.

What is a certified PEPPOL Access Point?
A PEPPOL Access Point (AP) can be considered as a ‘gateway’ or ‘bridge’ between the open PEPPOL community and local eProcurement communites or solutions. Through these access points, businesses can transfer documents, such as orders and invoices, over project’s infastructure. To ensure interoperability, buyers and suppliers must exchange PEPPOL compliant documents such as eCatalogues, eOrders, eDespatch advices and e-Invoices, within the PEPPOL network through respective Access Points (gateways). PEPPOL service providers offer Access Point services to buyers and suppliers enabling access to the network. Additional services such as the translation of data from one standard to another, archiving services, or tools for entering invoices online may also be offered. A full list of the certified service providers can be found here.

How can I connect?
Contact us today to discuss your interoperability needs and discover how Order2Cash can help you and your business conduct business across the PEPPOL network.