InvoicePortal has rebranded and is now a part of the Order2Cash platform

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InvoicePortal has been rebranded. The solution is now a part of the Order2Cash platform. If you are trying to log in to the platform, please click the button below. Your InvoicePortal credentials remain valid.

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Order2Cash Invoice2Deliver module

Why rebrand Invoi
cePortal into the Order2Cash platform?

Anachron has been steadily evolving from an e-Invoicing provider into a fully-fledged order to cash solution specialist in recent years. InvoicePortal was the creative vehicle through which we introduced our initial innovations in this area. Alongside the powerful e-Invoicing solution at the heart of InvoicePortal, our customers have seen us add robust payment acceleration features and a powerful credit management add-on into the platform in recent times. However, it has become clear that with the wealth of new functionalities we now offer, InvoicePortal as a name no longer fits our service offering.

Order2Cash gets right to the heart of what we provide. All of our solutions are focused on the order to cash process and so the name provides a perfect umbrella from which to hang our individual solutions under. At its core, the Order2Cash platform shares the same powerful e-Invoicing solution that was available within InvoicePortal. The features and functionalities, along with some new upgrades are now collectively gathered into one of the core modules of the Order2Cash platform; Invoice2Deliver.

Visit here to learn more about the Invoice2Deliver module.

What is Order2Cash?

Order2Cash brings together a range of solutions all geared towards accelerating an area of the order to cash process. These are packaged into five core modules. Broadly speaking, those modules cover:

As an Order2Cash customer you can activate any, or all, of the features contained within the different packages and tailor an overall solution to suit your current business needs. Learn more about the full Order2Cash proposition here.

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