“Everything related to invoicing
in one platform. That’s efficient.”

Marvin Koopmans, Team Leader Invoicing & Debtor Management at Connexxion.

How efficient is your current order to cash process?

Take a quick health check with our free efficiency spreadsheet. Discover how our single software solution for the entire Order2Cash cycle helps to reduce risk and improve your cash flow.

Multi-format, multi-channel e-Invoicing

Use Invoice2Deliver to control your entire invoicing process through a single interface and reduce the overall time to payment. Our Gartner recommended e-Invoicing solution makes it possible for you to easily deliver invoices anywhere, at any time, via any channel and present them in any format a customer requests.


Why use our electronic invoicing solution?

Invoice2Deliver provides you with all the tools you need to meet customer demands for faster, standardized e-Invoicing across all the product lines, business areas, and geographies you operate in.

Automate former manual processes, reducing the cost of invoice handling

Eliminate the cost and waste of paper‐based invoicing

Correct invoice errors quickly and easily, to reduce exception handling

Provide better customer service to strategic and other buyers

Reduce day sales outstanding, improving your company’s overall cash position

Include our Global Online Payment options (using Accept2Pay) to accelerate customer payments

Outsource print & post activities via our global partner network and build a complete legal invoice archive of all your documents

Let us talk you through our platform 1-on-1.

Discover how our single software solution for the entire Order to Cash process will help you to reduce costs, improve cash flow and minimize credit risk.

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Which invoice formats & signatures does Invoice2Deliver cater for?

Invoices can be automatically converted into file formats such as XML, CSV, Excel, PDF, TXT, UBL, and Facturae. You have the option of customizing invoice delivery for each individual buyer. Delivery channels include emails with attachments or direct links, cellular phone messaging, app, fax or print and post.

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How do you comply to VAT requirements?

We use secure, trusted electronic signature technology to ensure your invoices comply to any local VAT/Tax requirements you encounter. Our globally recognized signatures ensure that you can conduct business across all territories and markets, safe in the knowledge that your invoices are fully VAT compliant from an e-Invoicing and legal archiving point of view. Each signed document is accompanied by the Signing Certificate to provide a reliable audit trail.

Customer Success Story

How Hertz was able to reduce a cost saving of 25% using Invoice2Deliver 

“Working with Order2Cash has resulted in a range of benefits for our company,” says Mr. Muessig, Senior Project Leader I2C (Invoice to Cash) at Hertz. “In 2014 alone we were able to realize a significant saving of 25%, but more than that, we have been able to greatly improve the customer experience for many of our clients. Our billing process is much swifter and more comprehensive that it used to be. We can offer more options to our clients in how they wish to conduct business with us. It has made a big difference to our company and how it is perceived within the market.”