Greater interoperability with Invoice2Deliver. Connect to any B2B or B2G invoice network.

Interoperability is a key concern for any company implementing an e-Invoicing project. If your company is ill-prepared, you could quickly find yourselves facing an unexpected complexity involving the number of invoice delivery channels your customers require you to connect with. If you wish to continue doing business with those clients, you have no choice other than to establish connections with each of those preferred platforms.

Active invoice networks in Invoice2Deliver.
ADP, Ariba, Basware, Chevron, Digipoort, eFact, FACe, Govotheres, Inconto, Oildex, Oxy, Pervasive, Simplerinvoicing, Tradeshift, Tungsten Network (OB10) and Zetsolutions connections are all currently available for customers to use. Several other channels are currently in a testing or development phase. Our extensive interoperability network is open to all Order2Cash customers and we’re looking to add more connections in the near future. Visit our support section to view the list of upcoming channels and print delivery options: Overview of Invoice2Deliver delivery channels

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Eliminate the complexity. Benefit from easier connectivity.
Many companies and governments around the globe are now making it mandatory for enterprises and clients to adopt e-Invoicing and deliver information to them through a chosen network. Developing individual connections to each of these networks is an extremely time-consuming, complex and costly process. As more and more of these platforms are created, so the complication grows. And how do you justify these extra costs?  We believe this complexity is unnecessary and so have made it our goal to establish connections to every B2B or B2G invoice network and make these channels available to all Order2Cash customers.

We want to ensure that you can deliver invoices anywhere in the world, at any time and via any channel that you or your customers require. Our commitment to interoperability and expertise in network roaming engagement has already seen us develop connections to over 15 leading channels,  all of which are available for Invoice2Deliver customers to utilize.

Invoice2Deliver. The most flexible and cost-effective e-Invoicing solution available.
If you want to invoice your customers and suppliers electronically, then Invoice2Deliver is the only solution that can connect you hassle-free and with no hidden fees. If invoice networks are crippling your business performance and stopping you from getting paid, then request a demonstration of our interoperability features today and discover why Order2Cash is the right platform to handle your corporate e-invoicing needs.


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