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Learn how automating order to cash processes can help you accomplish strategic objectives: from growing your business, to streamlining operations, to managing strategic suppliers.

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What does Order2Cash do?

Order2Cash is an online, end-­to-­end order to cash solution that integrates secure document management and signing, e-Invoicing, online payment and credit management into a single platform. Order2Cash will enable you to streamline processes quickly, increase workforce productivity and make finance move faster.

“In 2014 alone we were able to realise a significant cost saving of 25%, but more than that, we have been able to greatly improve the customer experience for many of our clients”.

Automate and manage contracts,
leases and more

Move all of your financial documents online and reduce your time to market. Provide a swifter onboarding processes to clients and suppliers. Gain greater control over all your documentation.

Streamline and automate your
contract management workflows

Authenticate, sign, distribute and store customer or supplier contracts and other documents online. Move faster, increase transparency and meet customer and supplier expectations.

Automated invoicing for
better cashflow

Deliver invoices anywhere, at any time, in any format and through any channel. Control your entire invoicing process through a single interface and reduce the overall time to payment.

Provide flexible payment options
and get paid quicker

Make it easier for customers to pay you, no matter where you, or they, operate. International payment options, bank-level security standards and no hidden fees.

Protect your cash flow and
boost your bottom line

Accelerate payment timetables. Manage business risk effectively and analyze a wealth of data to make accurate forecast reports.