2021 and the 3 C’s of e-Invoicing: An upcoming tale of clearance, compliance and complexity - Order2Cash

About the Webinar

On Wed. 25 Nov. at 10:30 am CET, our Marketing Manager Damian Leslie will discuss the 3 C’s of e-Invoicing and how best to prepare your business for 2021 and beyond.

Why governments across the continent will continue to push for e-Invoicing mandates amid economic uncertainty.As companies worldwide are still reeling from months of market and operational pressure brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic we ask, are they better prepared to meet the challenges 2021 will bring?

The global e-Invoicing landscape continues to evolve rapidly and governments across Europe are stepping-up their plans to mandate e-Invoicing for all B2G and B2B transactions. As this year’s dramatic market developments have shown, there is an urgent need for businesses to establish paperless supply-chain processes, in order to accelerate payments and avoid the delays to invoice processing caused by remote working and the logistical handling of paper documents.

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Topics we’ll discuss: 

• The 3C’s of e-Invoicing: A tale of clearance, compliance and further complexity
• The current state-of play: Examining the European e-Invoicing landscape in 2021
• The importance of the clearance model: Why the performance of Italy’s mandate may cause further disruption across the continent
• How to navigate this landscape and get ahead of your mandates. What to look for in an e-Invoicing solution and service provider


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