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Order2Cash is staffed by an international team of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and passionate innovators. Our passion for innovation, coupled with a thirst for knowledge has helped to establish us at the forefront of our industry. Our continuous search for excellence and improvement, building upon our valuable experience, will be what keeps us there.

Order2Cash puts the needs of its customers first. This is what drives us and gives clear direction to all our developments. That spirit is also very present and active within our team. Get to know some of us here.

Michel Degeling, Project Manager at Order2Cash

Michel Degeling – Project Manager

“I’ve worked at Order2Cash for over a decade, as a Project Manager. I’ve witnessed a lot of changes at the company and things are becoming ever more professional and dynamic as we grow, which is exciting. I love the diversity of both our internal and external (international) projects. Often, they can be quite complex and require the involvement of multiple stakeholders. My job is fast-paced and constantly adapting because of that.

I get a lot of energy from my colleagues, they are really inspiring people! A lot of my colleagues share my interests in sports. We often challenge each other in a sportive manner but sometimes we just like to have a drink and relax together, which is fun. Best of all, they are open-minded and don’t judge. We all support one another.”

Steven Nijholt – Support & Implementation Consultant

“I’ve grown a lot while working at Order2Cash, both personally and professionally. When I started, I had very little experience with IT. Here I was able to garner a great deal of knowledge and learn on the job. Now I spend a lot of my time visiting customers, helping them with implementation and onboarding projects. I really appreciate that Order2Cash have allowed me to develop in this regard.

The regular contact and interaction with customers is what I value and enjoy the most. My day is always a kind of big puzzle, and I get a kick out of helping customers solve issues and become familiar with our products and what they can do.

We work hard here at Order2Cash but we have a lot of fun as well. We’re often sharing jokes with (or at) each other each day.”

Steven Nijholt - Implementation Specialist at Order2Cash

Damian Leslie - marketing Manager at Order2Cash

Damian Leslie – Marketing Manager

“One thing that’s really different about working at Order2Cash, in comparison to other places I’ve worked in, is that here I know that my opinion is valued. New ideas and suggestions are always welcome and everyone has the chance to get involved and give feedback on every project we work on. We try together, we fail together and we also succeed together. You really feel like your contribution is important and valuable.”

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