Company founded

The company is founded as Anachron. Selling custom, enterprise white-label electronic invoicing solutions.

Frank Hoekstra joins as CEO


Print & Mail Solutions

Service portfolio expanded with Print & Mail hybrid invoicing solution, providing complete outbound invoicing flow support.

Ingis SME invoicing platform

Anachron becomes a technology partner for ING bank. The INGIS e-Invoicing platform is launched, an online hosted solution for SMEs in the Netherlands.

New development office opens in Friesland

Anachron opens a development office in Heerenveen, NL, (moving later to Joure).

e-Document Solutions

New e-Document solutions are added to service portfolio. (Insurance policies in particular)

INGIS becomes InvoicePortal

Anachron purchases the INGIS solution from ING. The solution is rebranded as InvoicePortal and opened up to customers worldwide.

Anachron Technology is founded.

Anachron Technology is founded in Poland, with a new office opening in Krakow.

Credit Management solutions integrated into InvoicePortal

Credit Management solutions are added to the service portfolio, enabling customers to monitor all invoices from creation to payment; including outstanding amounts.

First Online Payment Solutions are integrated

First Online Payment features are added to the service portfolio, enabling customers to include direct pay links within e-Invoices and emails.

Secure Digital Contract Signing solution is launched

Secure digital contract signing added to service portfolio, enabling customers to manage their complete contracting flow online.

Anachron Inc. is founded

The first US office is opened in New York City.

The Order2Cash.com platform is launched.

The brand of InvoicePortal is retired and the Order2Cash.com platform is launched.
(e-Document services, e-Invoicing, Print & Mail, Payments, Credit Management, Secure Digital Contract Signing)

Anachron becomes Order2Cash

The company follows suit with its solutions; cementing its position as the world's leading global order to cash solution provider.

Additional Order2Cash services and solutions are added to the platform

The service areas Order2Cash supports expands to include Credit Risk & Customer Assessment, Cash Allocation, Collection & BPO services.

US regional office opened in Orlando


The Order2Cash platform welcomes its 500th sender

In June of 2018, the Order2Cash community welcomed its 500th invoice sender.

Order2Cash expands office in Krakow, Poland

As part of the company's continued growth, Order2Cash expands its Krakow office, moving into new premises.

Order2Cash moves into new Amsterdam headquarters

The company's rapid rise continues apace. The company moves into its new larger headquarters at H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 200 in Amsterdam.

Continuous innovation and development

By working closely with its customers and trusted technology partners, Order2Cash has remained at the forefront of the financial services industry for close to two decades. Stay tuned to Order2Cash.com to keep abreast of our future innovations.
The near future