About Us

We’re very straightforward and down-to-earth at Order2Cash. It comes from our Dutch origin. 

Our customers expect honesty and, above all, quality and that’s what we aim to deliver. We want every customer to be a reference customer and so we work hard to ensure that we live up to our promises.

We offer a single platform to manage the entire order to cash cycle, the first of its kind. We want to ensure that every discipline, every activity and every transaction within that cycle can be handled as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. That can only be made possible thanks to the close cooperation and interaction we have with our customers. We don’t like to brag about what we do. Instead, we prefer to let our customers tell you why you should use our platform.


Antargaz testimonial for Order2Cash

“A brilliant software solution for the entire order to cash cycle.”
5 reasons why Antargaz is working with Order2Cash

Connexxion testimonial for Order2Cash

“All things concerning invoicing in one solution. That’s efficient.”
5 reasons why Connexxion has chosen Order2Cash


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Let us talk you through our platform 1-on-1.

Discover how our single software solution for the entire Order to Cash process will help you to reduce costs, improve cash flow and minimize credit risk.

You will talk to one of our staff members in person, who will guide you through a demo version of our platform online. No strings attached.