Global e-Invoicing whitepaper from Order2Cash
September 19, 2018

Need an overview of all the B2G e-Invoicing mandates currently in operation? Download our free whitepaper.

Damian Leslie  

Gain an overview of all currently active B2G e-Invoicing mandates

The need for greater interoperability among global e-Invoicing providers and platforms, senders and receivers, is higher than it has ever been. With more than 50 countries around the world making B2G e-Invoicing mandatory, interoperability is now of critical importance to businesses at all levels. But with so many platforms, providers, protocols and standards already in existence, how can a business navigate their way around such legislation, particularly when they operate across multiple territories?

To provide some clarity on the situation; Order2Cash has published a new whitepaper, Global e-Invoicing and the need for greater interoperability.

Catch up with the latest developments on B2G e-Invoicing

This whitepaper takes a quick look at the global e-Invoicing state-of-play, briefly looking at what’s happening in each continent and offers readers a quick reference guide to all of the known B2G invoicing mandates currently in operation.  We also provide a handy table guide that will enable you to gain a quick overview of which countries have B2G e-Invoicing mandates in place, which party is responsible for them and what platforms and formats they have accepted as standards.

Global e-Invoicing B2G Whitepaper cover image 

You can download the full whitepaper here.