Billentis e-invoicing report 2019
May 23, 2019

Billentis Market Report 2019: Now is time to join the digital revolution

Pascale Lo  

The 2019 Billentis e-Invoicing report, authored by Bruno Koch, an independent international e-Invoicing consultant and market analyst, gives the latest insight into current global e-Invoicing developments and highlights the inevitable digital transformation of business processes.

The annual Billentis report examines the market development of e-Invoicing and e-Billing globally, giving insight into how to succeed with an e-Invoicing project; providing a series of facts, qualitative views, and evaluations. It also provides tips for implementing solutions and outlines the products and services offered by a range of leading solution providers, including Order2Cash.

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Among the eyebrow-raising stats revealed by this year’s report, is the fact that the total invoice volume for 2019 is forecast to encompass 550 billion documents worldwide. An estimated 55 billion e-Invoices will be sent in 2019, with an annual growth rate of between 10-20% forecast for the next few years. The report estimates that the size of the global e-Invoicing market will continue to expand and be worth approximately EUR 18 billion. in 2025.

A powerful market transition is taking place in our industry. Digital transformation is no longer an option, it’s the imperative.

Recent government initiatives that set mandates for B2G/G2B e-Invoicing, made in pursuit of cost savings and tighter control over VAT, plus the emerging technologies focusing on digitization and automation, have made it essential for all businesses to take a proactive approach toward digital transformation.

The report also reveals key trends expected for e-Invoicing between 2019-2025. Some highlights include:

  • The inevitable shift towards Electronic POS and mobile invoicing.
  • Emerging technologies like blockchain, cloud aggregated platforms, robotic process automation, machine learning, and advanced analytics may pave the way to improve the degree of business process automation and exploit the full potential for savings.
  • Shifting towards the cloud is becoming the new normal.

The Billentis report is a highly valuable, independent resource. Order2Cash is proud to sponsor its publication.  To read the full 2019 Billentis market report, claim your free copy here

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