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5 reasons why Antargaz is working with Order2Cash

Antargaz stands for clarity, caring, and transparency. Order2Cash helps us to deliver on those promises,” says Stefan Persoons, IT & Systems Manager at Antargaz. Being a market leader, Antargaz is a company that has been delivering and distributing bottles and tanks of propane gas across the Benelux for more than 50 years and recently successfully entered the Natural Gas B2B and B2C market. The company is currently serving over 35,000 propane customers and a rapidly increasing number of Natural Gas customers.

Here’s the lowdown on how the Order2Cash SaaS solution works for them:

1. Order2Cash makes communication with customers clear and straightforward.

“We want all of our communication with customers to be as straightforward as possible. With Order2Cash we were able to standardize our invoicing process, ensuring every item of relevance is included in a single document. This is of real value to all our business partners and customers.”

2. Order2Cash delivers on the promise that digital is indeed easier

“Moving our outbound invoice flow online helped us to improve our service levels significantly. Being able to deliver invoices immediately, separate from the actual delivery, means we can minimize any delays and offer them greater flexibility within the actual payment process.”

3. Order2Cash makes it easier to conduct business with receivers

“We went live with our Order2Cash solution in January of 2016 and, within our first year, we processed well over 150,000 invoices through the portal. Having a full electronic archive of all documentation at our disposal is very important. Customers really appreciate being able to log in and view all of their invoices in a single location. There are simply no more lost invoices, which consequently improves our administration and support efforts. It’s now much easier for our customers to interact and do business with us.”

4. Order2Cash offers a smart credit management solution

“Order2Cash offers a brilliant software solution for the entire order to cash cycle. Aside from invoicing, we’re now looking to handle our credit management procedures through the platform as well. With all relevant data in one place, we will gain a fully transparent overview of every interaction we have with customers.”

5. Easy-to-manage software deployment.

“The beauty of working with OrderCash is that they allow us to stage our progress into manageable projects. We’re not forced to implement the full platform at once, thus risking our workers becoming frustrated with a too-complex product. We can move at a pace that suits us, which in turn ensures we can continue to monitor and maintain complete control of every aspect of our business.”

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