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5 reasons why Poly is working with Order2Cash

Poly has been operating at the forefront of audio innovation for more than half a century. Their high-quality audio communication devices empower thousands of businesses across the globe. “Clear and transparent communication is of pivotal importance to us,” says Hans. “That refers not only to our products but also to the ways in which we operate.”

In a bid to streamline their communication channels with customers, Poly recently upgraded their outbound e-Invoicing capabilities. Here, Hans Wijnands explains why Order2Cash was chosen to facilitate their entire European invoice flow.

1. Order2Cash offers a future-proof invoicing solution

“Poly has been invoicing customers electronically for more than a decade. Unfortunately, the legacy system we had in place could not cope with the new legislation and delivery requirements we require or wish, to support in the future. We needed a future-proof solution that could handle different formats and connect to multiple B2B and B2G networks. Order2Cash’s Gartner-recommended solution fit the bill exactly.”

2. Order2Cash’s invoice portal helps to improve customer communications

“Aside from its extensive delivery options, Order2Cash’s invoicing solution also promotes real-time interaction with customers. A full electronic archive of all invoices is available for customers to access. With all relevant information stored in one place, this helps to both minimize delays and accelerate payments.”

3. Order2Cash connects seamlessly with our Oracle environment

“Poly is a global company with global processes. Our smarter working philosophy requires all our technology systems to support and improve those ideas. By working in unison with 4apps group, Order2Cash were able to establish a real-time connection to our Oracle environment. This ensures that information can be extracted from and, just as importantly, reported back into our Oracle E-Business Suite. This enables our teams to continue to work in their preferred manner, without the need to learn a new system or way of working.”

4. Order2Cash helps us fulfill a number of sustainability goals

“Poly is dedicated to operating conscientiously in all areas of our business. The Order2Cash e-Invoicing solution supports our commitment to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce waste and conserve resources.“

5. Order2Cash offers the potential for future O2C improvements

“e-Invoicing is just one order to cash process, albeit a crucial one. One of our reasons for selecting Order2Cash as a preferred provider was the scope of services they offer outside of invoicing, including support for credit management and collections. We know that as we look to streamline and integrate processes further, Order2Cash, together with 4apps group, will be on hand when we need them.”

Oracle integration completed in unison with 4apps Group

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