Finance: the overlooked customer touchpoint.
July 08, 2019

Finance: The overlooked customer touchpoint.

Damian Leslie  

Customer experience is often seen as front-office business, but there’s much more to CX than the sale.

At Order2Cash we are dedicated to making the management of the order to cash cycle, and all its components, as streamlined and efficient as possible. For us, the order to cash cycle is more than a mere collection of business processes; it provides unparalleled insight into how, when and why customers conduct business with an organization. We firmly believe that optimizing the order to cash cycle is the key to unlocking greater customer satisfaction and to improve retention rates.

To expand upon this, we’ve recently published an article in tandem with Raconteur that covers this exact topic. The order to cash cycle provides many customer touchpoints; be sure that you don’t overlook their importance. CX is about more than keeping existing clients happy. Paying attention to the whole payment-cycle process can identify issues that could have real benefits to the bottom line. Learn why its time your finance department stepped out from behind the desk and began to look beyond the numbers.

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