Clerance models, compliance issues and further complexity
March 12, 2020

Global e-Invoicing in 2020

Damian Leslie  

Order2Cash Marketing Manager Damian Leslie has penned some of his thoughts concerning the current state of the global e-Invoicing landscape. He tells a tale of complexity, compliance issues and the rise of the clearance model.

“We can sum up what’s occurring in the market as follows. There is a clear shift towards adopting a clearance model for many countries coupled with the fragmentation of standards, which is causing many compliance issues. All of which is resulting in increased complexity for those having to navigate this landscape.”

Read his full blog article here to gain an insight into what’s trending worldwide, why it’s happening and, importantly, how to steer your business effectively through this complex environment.

Don’t have time to read the full article now? Download a PDF copy and read it offline.