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How can order to cash automation boost business performance?

The order to cash cycle is more than just a collection of business processes. It provides unparalleled insight into how, when and why your customers conduct business with you. Optimizing your O2C cycle could be the key you need to unlock greater customer satisfaction and improve retention rates.

What is the order to cash cycle?

The order to cash process encompasses the financial and business processes that link buyers and suppliers when they work together. It starts when they connect to transact business and ends with the financial processes that close the deal and retrieve the moneys owed.

Why automate the order to cash cycle?

Staff in different business functions, such as contracting, accounts receivable, credit control and risk management use their own tools and data and yet they all work on the same orders. Managing and maintaining different systems and workflows can unintentionally lead to slower processes and inaccurate data. This does not need to happen. With Order2Cash you can automate processes to create competitive advantage, speeding up business workflows and empowering your financial team’s decision-making.

Consolidate your supplier network to achieve greater control of your finances

The Order2Cash platform reduces your dependencies on multiple suppliers. Consolidating all data, workflows, and processes into one platform, makes the monitoring, maintaining, and executing of all activities almost effortless. Then use real-time financial data to retain full control of cash flow.

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Advantages of order to cash automation

Order2Cash offers a single platform to manage your entire order to cash cycle. Automating financial processes through our platform will bring direct advantages to your business. These will help you to quickly and efficiently achieve a number of significant business goals. These include:  

  • Making it easier for customers to conduct business with you, resulting in an improved level of service
  • Using credit risk ratings and other data to quickly determine whether to do or grow, business with your buyers
  • Fast-tracking the signing of financial documents to start new work, onboard new employees, or process leases and other agreements
  • Automating invoicing for faster, more accurate processing and payment
  • Increasing your cash flow and overall revenues
  • Increasing efficiency with targeted operational improvement programs

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