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Transforming accounts receivable (AR) is key to making business move faster. Yet many companies struggle with a “digital dilemma”—customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and manual, paper-based processes that are slow, inflexible, and cost millions in process waste. It’s time to bring accounts receivable processes and ERP systems into the digital era.

Manage outbound invoicing and payment flows on your own terms – with real-time updates fed back into your ERP system

Order2Cash streamlines your entire outbound invoice flow; processing diverse payment types while integrating and reporting directly into SAP or other ERP systems, payment platforms, and business networks. Manage and monitor your AR processes with ease.

Speed up Accounts Receivable for a digital-first business

Companies can solve their “digital dilemma” by digitizing AR with a complete order-to-cash system that integrates into existing ERP systems. Manage your customer relationships online; from initial credit checks and contracts to e-Invoicing, digital payments, and collections.

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Connect, don't customize ERP systems to unlock new value

Your ERP system is intertwined with your business. Unlock new sources of value with a best-of-breed system that connects easily with your ERP, link you to a world of customers, payment portals, and B2B/B2G networks. Provide e-Invoicing and payments to your customers in months—not years.

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Improve cashflow with real-time AR processes

In the digital marketplace, you need to move at the speed of market. Digitizing AR now means you’ll reap business and financial gains, while working seamlessly with partners and customers.

Deliver a better customer experience (CX).

Improve CX with your Order2Cash solution. Make it easier for customers to conduct business with you. Move ahead of B2B and B2G mandates. And use faster payment cycles, better cashflow, and lower credit risk to outpace competitors.

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Learn why Hertz opted for an Order2Cash solution

Hertz is one of the world’s biggest car rental companies. Customer satisfaction is a driving force for the entire organization. Discover how they modernized their billing processes across Europe with Order2Cash, saving 25% in the 1st year alone.

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