ICTF Order-to-Cash Automation Insights Week - Order2Cash

About the Webinar

On August 13 at 10 am ET (4 pm CET), we will be sharing our insights into O2C automation as part of ICTF Virtual Order-to-Cash Insights Week.

In this session, our consultant Nelie Noordenbos will show how the Order2Cash platform can help finance workers to break away from Excel and start to influence CX.

Customer service is often thought of as front-office business, but there’s much more to CX than the sale. To achieve the kind of repeat business that makes a company profitable, you need the whole customer journey to be as smooth and effortless as possible. Understanding the way financial processes can affect the customer experience can lead to dramatic improvements in overall satisfaction levels and customer retention.

What you’ll learn: 

• O2C processes can act as an early warning system for indicating levels of dissatisfaction among customers
• Aligning finance KPIs with other departmental data can be integral to understanding and increasing customer lifetime value
• Understanding your processes from a customer point of view can help to remove any roadblocks in your customer journey
• Building a customer-focused O2C process can make it easier for your customers to conduct business with you and improve your bottom-line performance


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