The US Office of Management and Budget has mandated that all Government agencies must move to an approved B2G e-invoicing system by the end of fiscal year 2018. Why? As stated in the memorandum, the goals are: “reducing fraud, waste, and abuse; modernizing citizen facing services; and strengthening Federal acquisition practices to reduce red-tape, and provide greater benefit for taxpayer dollar. Without a doubt, this makes ...  Read more

Now Is the Best Time to Solve Your Digital Dilemmas with Accounts Receivable

by Linda van Kampen. VP Sales at Order2Cash. Digital transformation pressures are increasing, and the sense of urgency has never been greater. Companies are investing millions in transforming their business models, processes, and cultures to move business into real-time. In business offices across the world, corporate leaders have been jolted into panic at the rise of the “platform economy,” where companies use data analytics, real-time ...  Read more

Setting up an integrated KPI system: understanding your customers and supply chain

by Marcel Wiedenbrugge You may be familiar with the old saying, “things that don’t get measured, don’t get done”. There is a lot of truth to it, however, not everything that we can measure is useful. Therefore, what we measure should be relevant and the tools we use must be appropriate. However, in this day and age of big data and smart software, setting up ...  Read more

Here’s How to Save $1M This Year Without Even Trying

  by Linda van Kampen. VP Sales at Order2Cash. Here’s a February newsflash: Almost everything you try this year will be hard. If you’re adopting resolutions, it will be tough to get to the gym, lose weight, and finish your professional certifications. If you’re at work, it will be tough to set the right strategy, develop the right products and services, achieve your business goals, and outpace ...  Read more

1 Thing that Could Crush Your Digital Progress in 2018

by Linda van Kampen. VP Sales at Order2Cash. 2017 was the year the market said to CEOs – go big or go home. Everything exploded: Stock growth, M&A deal values, Bitcoin, and digital transformation investments, among others. Companies that heeded the call of digital transformation have reaped the rewards. Platform companies like Amazon, Google, and PayPal have outpaced the market.  Enterprises that streamlined both front ...  Read more

Forget Bitcoin: Focus on this B2B Payments Opportunity Instead

by Linda van Kampen – VP Sales at Order2Cash 2017 was the year of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency reached $19,000 briefly, financial services companies and hedge funds stood up bitcoin trading operations, and speculators dove in. Suddenly, the world was full of Bitcoin billionaires. Winklevoss twins, anyone? Sure, Bitcoin and blockchain technology have all the excitement, yet the reality is that the market is still figuring ...  Read more

Here’s 1 Easy-Money Prediction for 2018 to Bank Your Business On

by Linda van Kampen, VP Sales at Order2Cash Will U.S. companies spend tax reform savings on buybacks, capital investments, or job creation? Will bitcoin surge forward, stay flat, or collapse? Will a geopolitical event like growing tensions with North Korea reshape world politics in 2018? These are great questions for pundits and prognosticators – and ones we don’t know the answer to yet. However, we do ...  Read more
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