February 11, 2021

New Order2Cash whitepaper: The 3 C’s of global e-Invoicing

Pascale Lo  

Why governments continue to push for e-Invoicing mandates amid economic uncertainty.

After a year of disruption, Order2Cash wonders what lies ahead for the global e-Invoicing market? As companies worldwide are still reeling from months of market and operational pressure brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic we ask, are they better prepared to meet the challenges 2021 will bring?

Our new whitepaper discusses:

  • The 3C’s of e-Invoicing: A web of clearance, compliance, and further complexity.
  • The current state-of-play: Examining the global e-Invoicing landscape in 2021.
  • The importance of the clearance model: Why the performance of Italy’s mandate may cause further disruption across Europe.
  • How to navigate this landscape and get ahead of your mandates. Suggestions for what to look for in an e-Invoicing solution and service provider.

It also contains a country-by-country overview of all known B2G e-Invoicing mandates currently in operation. There are currently close to 80 countries mandating electronic invoicing in one form or another, and the list is growing.  The list may not be exhaustive, but it offers an insight into the differing standards and approaches to B2G e-Invoicing that have been adopted in different territories. We have provided direct links to the relevant governing authorities and platforms where known. Information is correct as of January 2021.

Feel free to download a copy of our latest whitepaper here: The 3 C’s of global e-Invoicing: A web of clearance, compliance and complexity. An Order2Cash Whitepaper