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New York and Metairie, Louisiana, 21 March 2019

Order2Cash, the pioneering provider of international order-to-cash automation solutions and Rauch-Milliken International (RMI), a recognized-leader in global receivables management, are thrilled to announce a new strategic alliance. The two fast-growing companies will integrate their service portfolios and leverage their joint expertise and sales efforts in order to further improve receivables management for all mutual customers in the US and elsewhere. The partnership pays testament to Order2Cash’s continued commitment to, and expansion across, the US market and also to RMI’s proven capabilities as an established leader in the commercial debt recovery industry.

The Order2Cash software platform offers a unique proposition, the first of its kind. A single platform to manage the entire order to cash cycle. A modular collection of powerful and intelligent solutions and service packages geared towards helping companies minimize risk, accelerate payments and create greater efficiencies within accounts receivable. The platform’s service areas encompass credit risk and customer assessment, secure digital contract signing, electronic invoicing, online payments, cash allocation, credit and debtor control, and debt collection and recovery.


“At Order2Cash we are driven to help businesses minimize risk, where possible, and improve cash flow but we understand the necessity and importance of debt collection,” said Frank Hoekstra, CEO at Order2Cash. “The majority of our customers work internationally but the culture and practices of debt collection differ dramatically from country to country. Rauch-Milliken’s expert knowledge and vast experience of the intricate US collections market make them the ideal collections partner. We know our customers can rely on them to deliver effective results, therefore we are delighted to welcome them into the Order2Cash community.”

Frank Hoekstra, CEO Order2Cash

S. Rauch - President Rauch-Milliken International


“RMI could not be more excited by the opportunity to launch this strategic partnership with Order2Cash. Our due diligence provided proof-positive that the Order2Cash solution encompasses every step of the O2C cycle, automating it in a beautifully-efficient manner that was clearly superior to any other product we reviewed in the marketplace. As Order2Cash and RMI both serve the global credit & finance community while not competing against each other, the opportunities for shared marketing and service achievements are tremendous,” said RMI President Steve Rauch.  


“We want the collection of a claim, be it domestic or international, to be as convenient as possible for our clients. Our partnership with RMI showcases our commitment to delivering on that promise,” said Pauline Dirkmaat, VP Americas at Order2Cash. “Our sophisticated credit control platform, coupled with RMI’s comprehensive approach to commercial debt recovery, will enable users to retain complete control of all aspects of their order to cash cycle, from prospect management to collection and reconciliation.”

Pauline Dirkmaat - VP Americas Order2Cash

Order2Cash is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Its US headquarters is located in New York and both can be reached through order2cash.com or via info@order2cash.com. RMI is headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana and can be reached through www.rauchmilliken.com.

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