September 16, 2021

Order2Cash announces new alliance with Rapid Collections.

Pascale Lo  

Order2Cash, a global leader in order-to-cash automation and optimization solutions has agreed a partnership with Rapid Collections, a leading American commercial debt recovery specialist. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the global financial marketplace, the two companies will share their amassed knowledge and experience to help further accelerate and streamline the cash collection process for their mutual customers. 

“At Order2Cash we are driven to help businesses minimize risk, where possible, and improve their cash flow. We understand the necessity and importance of debt recovery within the entire order to cash process,” said Frank Hoekstra, CEO at Order2Cash. “The majority of our customers work internationally but the culture and practices of debt collection differ dramatically from country to country. Rapid Collections offer a great amount of care and experience in the US market. With both companies unifying their strengths our partnership will provide customers with the kind of effective, rapid collection results they need to protect and grow their businesses. We are happy to announce this union and welcome Rapid into the Order2Cash community.” 

“Order2Cash shares our commitment to helping customers protect their business and retrieve what’s owed,” said Robert Barger, CEO of Rapid Collections. “Our proven ability to help customers protect their image, interest and investment aligns perfectly with Order2Cash’s expertise in accelerating order to cash processes and improving efficiencies within finance for many of the world’s leading brands. We look forward to combining our skills and talent in order to help our many joint customers manage their order and payment process more effectively and get paid quicker.” 

To learn more about Rapid Collections, please visit their website