September 30, 2021

Order2Cash attends the FECMA Pan-European Credit Congress in Krakow

Damian Leslie  

On-site events are happening once again and Order2cash is keen to get back on the road and meet contacts in person. A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to attend the 4th FECMA Pan-European Credit Congress in Krakow, founded in 1986. This Congress has developed to become an ideal international, cross-border event where credit professionals from across Europe can gather to share knowledge, understanding, and experience on the topic of Credit Management.  

The Congress highlighted the need to improve Credit Management and become more proactive, as it has become clear how vital the role plays in protecting the performance of companies. In many cases, Credit managers are proving key to the survival of organizations during these Covid times.  

Two members of our commercial team were in attendance and one of them, Fabio Santoro, shares his insights and some key takeaways from the event in this article: Catch up on what’s happening in the world of the Credit manager. It’s a good read.