Order2cash is a service provider in Poland
December 03, 2021

Order2Cash is now a certified PEPPOL access point in Poland and other e-Invoicing news

Damian Leslie  

We are delighted to announce that Order2Cash (Anachron Technology Poland) is now a certified Peppol Approved Access Point in Poland. As one of the first service providers to have achieved certification in the country, Order2Cash can now enable the exchange of electronic documents between any entities registered in the Peppol network and the Polish government’s PEF platform. Read more about the PEF platform and other mandatory delivery information on eFaktura.gov.pl

Poland is one of the latest in a growing list of countries to begin implementing e-Invoicing mandates and they, along with others are looking to activate mandates in the next few months. Here is a list of the different countries that will be mandating B2G and B2B e-invoicing in the upcoming months:

  • Cyprus: The Cypriot Ministry of Finance has decided to make e-Invoicing mandatory for all B2G transactions as of 1 Jan. 2022. They will also add a B2B mandate in the near future.
  • Romania: Romania has begun testing its new national e-Invoicing system (RO e-Factura) and is aiming for a country-wide B2G e-Invoicing mandate and hopes to extend to B2B transactions in the future.
  • Slovakia: The Ministry of Finance has begun testing the new e-Invoicing Information System (IS EFA). They will start implementation for B2G and G2G e-Invoicing via the system as of Jan. 2022. 
  • Panama: The Panamanian Electronic Invoicing System (SFEP) has been active since 2016 and has been utilized by a number of taxpayer groups. As of 1 Jan. 2022, Panama’s mandate stretches to include all newly registered taxpayers with a tax ID. They must now also e -Invoices via SFEP for B2B transactions. B2G e-Invoicing will become mandatory as of 30 July 2022.
  • Paraguay: Paraguay has begun its rollout towards mandatory e-Invoicing under SIFEN (the National e-Invoice System) for some taxpayer groups.  As of 1 Jan. 2022, 14 companies that were part of the initial pilot group will now be required to issue e-Invoices.

These are only a few of the e-Invoicing mandates we are expecting implementation for in 2022. Order2Cash collates all the news in this regard and publishes regular updates online, so be sure to bookmark our global e-Invoicing news page if you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Whether you need help with connecting to PEF in Poland, or with any other b2G e-Invoicing network, don’t doubt to contact us to discuss your requirements.