Customer References


Connexxion testimonial for Order2Cash - Marvin Koopmans

“Everything related to invoicing in one platform. That’s efficient.”

5 reasons why Connexxion has chosen Order2Cash


Order2Cash - Antargaz testimonial

“A brilliant software solution for the entire order to cash cycle.”

5 reasons why Antargaz is working with Order2Cash




Order2Cash - Barry Callebaut Case Study

“In Europe, it’s not just about presenting invoices in multiple languages and currencies, it’s about meeting country-by-country digital signatures and archiving requirements.”

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Order2Cash - Hertz reference

“In the first year alone we were able to realize a significant cost saving of 25%. Our billing process is much swifter and more comprehensive than it used to be.”

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Order2Cash - Schouten en Nelissen case study

“When you come across a system like Order2Cash that delivers on what it promises, you can’t help but recommend it.”

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