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Product Sheets

Order2Cash Product SheetOrder2Cash

Our free product sheet will give you a quick introduction to the Order2Cash platform and it’s main features and benefits.

Invoice2Deliver Product Sheetinvoice2deliver

Our comprehensive outbound e-invoicing solution sits at the very core of the Order2Cash platform. Read a quick introduction to this comprehensive solution.


Credit2Control Product Sheetcredit2control

Gain a quick insight into how our robust online credit management solution can help to protect your cashflow and provide you with the data you need to make accurate payment forecasts.

Contract2Sign Product Sheetcontract2sign

Our digital contract signing solution can truly transform the pace of your business. Read our product sheet to discover how easy it is to accelerate your contracting process.


Antargaz testimonial

“A brilliant software solution for the entire Order2Cash cycle.”

5 reasons why Antargaz is working with Order2Cash

Connexxion testimonial

“All things concerning invoicing in one platform. That’s efficient.”

5 reasons why Connexxion has chosen Order2Cash

Case Studies

Order2Cash Barry Callebaut Case Study

Barry Callebaut Case Study

Belgian cocoa and chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, is a global leader in the confectionary industry. They work with Order2Cash to deliver invoices to customers in over 20 countries. “In Europe, it’s not just about presenting invoices in multiple languages and currencies, it’s about meeting country-by-country digital signatures and archiving requirements.”

Read our full case study to find out more.

Order2Cash Hertz Case Study

Hertz Case Study

One of the world’s leading car rental companies uses Order2Cash to empower its European invoicing processes. “In 2014 alone we were able to realise a significant cost saving of 25%. Our billing process is much swifter and more comprehensive than it used to be.”

Read our full case study to find out more.


cash2match-product-sheet-cover Schouten en Nelissen Case Study

The leading training and consultancy organization for personal development and organizational development, Schouten en Nelissen have been able to rapidly convert their outbound invoice flow from being print only to almost entirely electronic within a few months of going live with their Order2Cash solution.

Read our full case study to find out more.






Miscellaneous Order2Cash resources

Order2Cash Accounts Receivable Operations Efficiency Spreadsheet

Accounts Receivable Operations Efficiency Spreadsheet

This free spreadsheet is designed to show you how well your Order2Cash processes are currently performing. Use it to quickly discover how an Order2Cash solution could help reduce costs and improve your cashflow.

Order2Cash Connection icon

5 methods for converting receivers to e-Invoicing – Recorded webinar

Struggling to persuade your customers to make the switch to e-Invoicing with you? This recorded webinar discusses some clear strategies and proven methods for convincing receivers to leave print behind.

Industry Reports

2017 Billentis e-Invoicing reportBillentis e-Invoicing and Billing Report 2017

The 2017 Billentis report provides a unique, independent overview of the current global e-Invoicing market. It covers the leading trends and demand factors influencing the rate of adoption across the globe and provides helpful information on how to select and e-Invoicing solution provider.

Billentis e-Invoicing and Billing Report 2016Billentid e-Invoicing and e-Biling report 2016

The 2016 report is still available for you to download.


AR & O2C Network's O2C Automation guideThe AR & O2C Network’s O2C Automation Guide 2016

The AR & O2C Network is a US community of AR & O2C Professionals. Their free automation guide showcases the major solution providers within the O2C space and aims to help advance best practices and demystify the technology search and acquisition process.


B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance and e-Invoicing Guide 2016B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance & e-Invoicing Guide 2016

Published by The Paypers, this handy guide provides insights into the global Fintech landscape, focusing on the areas of payments, supply chain finance and e-Invoicing. It also offers profiles of the industry’s leading solution providers; including Order2Cash.


Order2Cash NewslettersNewsletter archive

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