Europe's Exclusive Technology Executive Debate - Order2Cash

About the Webinar

Join Order2Cash CEO Frank Hoekstra on September 16 as he joins other leading executives from HighRadiusRimilia, and Serrala in what promises to be an exciting panel discussion on the future of O2C automation, technology, and more. The discussion will be moderated by Tom Bangemann of The Hackett Group and all proceeds will be donated to WaterAid.

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The debate will cover the following topics:

  • What lessons learned from the Covid-19 situation stayed?
  • Economic outlook from a tech perspective
  • The relationship between WFH, Cyber Security and Hacking
  • Tech flexibility and global reach is tech now essential or remains a nice to have vs low cost labour
  • Impact on Shared Services value proposition
  • Impact on and opportunities for talent.


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