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Hungary, India, and other countries postpone e-Invoicing mandates due to COVID-19 effect

As the current pandemic causes turmoil across both industry and finance, we’ve noticed some significant changes within the e-Invoicing market. Countries such as Hungary and India have announced postponements to their planned e-Invoicing legislation. These decisions have been made in order to avoid adding extra hassle and complication onto businesses, who may already be struggling to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. However, Some governments are still determined to push for e-Invoicing reform and are moving into their final stages of implementation. Turkey, for example, is aiming to meet its July deadline for the roll-out of an e-delivery note mandate. Germany, likewise, will move forward with the legal finalization of e-Invoicing format XRechnung as planned

Here is a quick run-through of the changes we’ve uncovered in recent weeks:


  • Hungary has delayed its online invoicing system to 1 July 2020;
  • Portugal has postponed B2G mandatory e-Invoicing to 31 Dec. 2020 for large companies, 1 June 2021 for SMEs and 31 Dec. 2021 for micro-enterprises;
  • Greece’s e-billing project has been postponed to June 2020;
  • Poland has decided to postpone the requirements for the JPK_VAT format to 1 July 2020;
  • Spain has also postponed the implementation of TICKETBai for one year until Jan 2022.

*Further reading: For more detailed information, check the CEF website which contains progress and status updates for each EU member state.


  • India (B2B) and Vietnam’s recently introduced their e-Invoicing mandates. The initial roll-out has proven to be a challenge, with some businesses struggling to keep up with the timeline. Therefore India has postponed the mandated roll-out date to 1 Oct. 2020 while Vietnam has also proposed to delay the process a bit longer to 1 July, 2022.

Latin America

  • Argentina has delayed its new conditions for the issuance of credit and debit notes from 1 May to 1 July 2020.
  • Bolivia, unfortunately, has made the decision to repeal its whole e-Invoicing system.

New additions to  our interoperability network

Order2Cash is here to help our customers fulfill all invoicing mandates. We have invested heavily in building an extensive interoperability network, enabling you to connect you with a wide range of B2B and B2G invoice networks and continue to do so. Here are some of the latest channels we have secured connections with

  • Slovenia: ZZI (Bizbox)-PPA
  • Portugal: Saphety and eSpap
  • Colombia: sAPHETY and Colombia-DIAN
  • Italy: Tesisquare and SDI
  • France: Cegedim and Chorus
  • We also expect to finalize connections with channels in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina very soon

 A brief guide to interoperability 

Global B2G e-Invoicing compliance map – View our interactive map of global e-Invoicing mandates. Use this handy orienteering and reference tool to find the pertinent information affecting your applicable business markets in seconds.

Global e-Invoicing and the need for greater interoperability – Do you need further information on any of the B2G e-Invoicing mandates referenced on the map? Find a country-by-country overview containing direct links to many of the platforms and relevant authorities in our free whitepaper.

The urgency of adopting paperless supply chain automation: An open letter to the market from EESPA

EESPA (European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association) recently published an open letter emphasizing the urgency of going paperless and adopting digital processes through service providers. Adopting e-Invoicing can help businesses avoid delays to invoice processing caused by remote working and the logistical handling of paper-based documents amid the crisis. As a member of EESPA, Order2Cash firmly agrees that radical action is needed for digital transformation if businesses are to adopt the ‘the new normal’ effectively and become flexible and agile enough to conduct business effectively during this crisis and beyond.

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