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Global e-Invoicing made easy with Order2Cash

  • Reduced complexity
  • Guaranteed compliance
  • Seamless connectivity and interoperability

Order2Cash is dedicated to ensuring its customers can send invoices anywhere, any time. The global e-Invoicing landscape continues to evolve rapidly and so we’re working hard to extend our interoperability network in order to facilitate invoice delivery in any format, via any channel.

More governments around the world are now embracing clearance models over post-audit models in efforts to reduce the nearly €500bn worldwide VAT gap. In 2019, we witnessed 11 new B2G mandates appear and we are expecting a further 17 mandates to come into force in 2020. A special highlight is a rapid development happening across Asia; with India, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan all enforcing mandates this year.

Several countries across Latin America and in Italy are creating (close to) real-time tax clearance initiatives. We expect to see a real swing in favor of this type of clearance model among countries elsewhere in Europe in the future, as this model gives government tax administrations tighter control over VAT.

Our latest blog post outlines this development in more detail: Read the full article here, but we can sum up what’s occurring in the e-Invoicing market as follows: a shift towards compliance coupled with a fragmentation of standards, which is causing compliance issues. All of which is resulting in increased complexity for those having to navigate this landscape, especially for multinational companies.  At Order2Cash, we make it our mission to guarantee all invoices going through our e-Invoicing network are compliant with local regulations worldwide and we will be sure to keep all customers informed of any future developments. 

 A brief guide to interoperability 

Global B2G e-Invoicing compliance map – View our interactive map of global e-Invoicing mandates. Use this handy orienteering and reference tool to find the pertinent information affecting your applicable business markets in seconds.

Global e-Invoicing and the need for greater interoperability – Do you need further information on any of the B2G e-Invoicing mandates referenced on the map? Find a country-by-country overview containing direct links to many of the platforms and relevant authorities in our free whitepaper.

Here are some other e-Invoicing developments that have caught our attention recently:

  • Last year the deadline set by Directive 2014/55/EU (pan-European Standard on e-Invoicing) officially entered into force. An initiative created to try and ensure interoperability among the member States. Countries like Germany, France and Finland are expected to finalize their implementation this business quarter. Italy, on the other hand, is moving ahead with B2G obligation and has extended the same framework to B2B transactions. Check the CEF website to keep track of the progress and current status in each EU member state.
  • e-Invoicing is on the rise in Asian countries. Singapore is leading this trend and has become the first official PEPPOL Authority outside of Europe. Other countries are due to follow suit, with Australia & New Zealand close to finalizing their own PEPPOL-style initiative; India and Vietnam aim to begin mandating B2B and B2G invoicing starting in April and Nov. this year respectively, although we expect a slight delay in regard to India. China is also readying its e-Invoicing market roll-out program.

Order2Cash news and insights

New additions to our government and business channels

Colombian government e-Invoicing platform DIAN will be the latest addition to our growing network of government invoice channels. Looking ahead, we are in the final phase of approval with the Singapore PEPPOL Authority and we also expect to add three more B2G channels in the very near future; namely Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Alongside these developments, we are proud to have connected the Coupa, Basware Automative and Crossinx AP platforms. If you have a need for a specific connection or want to know if a particular channel connection is already available, feel free to contact us.


Apple Pay added to our payment services for customers in NL

Apple Pay has now been added to our list of available online and alternative payment methods for customers in the Netherlands. Allowing your debtors the flexibility to pay directly via Apple mobile device could accelerate your payment timetables dramatically. This modern, intuitive and secure payment method is gaining traction rapidly here in NL. Contact your account manager or check our Payment Solutions for further information.

Coming up…

Special note: In response to the evolving COVID-19 coronavirus situation, all the events outlined below may be subject to change. Order2Cash is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of its employees and travel is heavily restricted at present. We will continue to assess the situation and any changes to the agenda will be updated on our website.

Factuurcongres 2020:  Factuurcongres 2020 has been postponed till Sept. 14. Factuurcongres is the largest event dedicated to invoicing in The Netherlands. If all goes ahead our Director of Sales & Business Development, Dimitry Borgstijn, will join finance experts from across our industry in Nieuwegein, Utrecht, to provide insights into some key developments taking place within the world of e-Invoicing. Dimitry will also speak on how companies can benefit from our extensive interoperability features and keep their business up-to-speed. Email us on if you’re interested in receiving a discount code to attend! 

ICTF’s Global Credit Professionals Symposium**UPDATE**: EVENT CANCELLED. On April 19 to 21, one of the biggest events in the credit management industry is set to take place in Chicago, USA. Our VP of Americas, Pauline Dirkmaat will be presenting a hands-on demo of our revolutionary O2C platform. It’s time to speed up AR!

ICTF’s 20th International Credit Professionals Symposium: **UPDATE**: EVENT CANCELLED. On May 10-12, ICTF hosts its Credit Professionals Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal. Our consultant Nelie Noordenbos will be on-site so if you are attending, be sure to drop by and get an insight into how our solutions can help streamline your O2C processes.

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