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Global e-Invoicing news

  • The US moves closer to establishing an e-Invoicing framework,
  • Germany and other European countries consider Clearance model adoption
  • Japan prepares to annouce its e-Invoice specifications and more…

The first quarter of 2021 has seen a number of significant e-Invoicing developments occurring across the globe, most notably in the USA. The Business Payments Coalition has spent the past few years exploring the feasibility of building an e-Invoicing interoperability framework for the USA. This feasibility study is nearing completion and in the last few weeks, the coalition published a report entitled: e-Invoice Exchange Framework: Approach to Managing a Federated Registry Services Model in a Four-Corner Network. This is a major milestone for the BPC and will be of great interest to any business operating in North America. 

In Europe, we’re continuing to see the popularity of the Clearance model grow. Discussions have taken place within the German Parliament on the merits of establishing a Clearance model to help reduce the VAT Gap. We will keep a close watch on how those talks develop. Elsewhere, Slovakia is the latest country to announce its intentions to build a similar model; joining Greece, Poland, and France in a push to mandate B2B e-Invoicing.

In Asia, several countries like China, the Philippines, and Thailand are close to activating pilot programs for e-Invoicing in the coming months. Japan is also expected to announce the first version of its standard specifications of e-Invoicing by July 2021.

As usual, we’ve gathered all of the latest news on all of these items, and more into our latest 2021 e-Invoicing outlook. Read the full news report here. 

Global B2G e-Invoicing compliance map

View our interactive map of global e-Invoicing mandates. Use this handy orienteering and reference tool to find the pertinent information affecting your applicable business markets in seconds.


We continue to expand our interoperability network

Order2Cash understands the importance of interoperability for all our customers; that’s why we’ve made it our goal to connect to all B2G e-Invoicing channels. We can also connect you to many of the world’s leading AP channels so as to make your outbound invoice flow as seamless and frictionless as possible.

In that endeavour, we are glad to announce some new updates to our interoperability network:

  • Support for the X-Rechnung format is now live and available for those customers distributing in Germany.
  • Support for the QR Bill and Pay Slips required in Switzerland
  • As Egypt has now begun to roll out its e-Invoicing mandates, we’re working hard to establish a connection with the Tax Authority’s Clearance patform. testing has begun and we hope to finalize the connection in the near future.

If any of these new additions are of interest to you; or if there are other countries you wish to explore connections with let us know through this request form

Order2Cash recruitment drive continues

Our organization is scaling rapidly and we are currently seeking applicants for a number of vacancies. We have positions available in both the Netherlands and Poland. Perhaps your expertise and drive are what we are looking for?

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