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Global e-Invoicing news

  • US e-Invoicing framework: In-market pilot program to begin early 2022
  • Japan establishes general OpenPeppol Access Point  
  • Saudi Arabia will mandate e-Invoicing for all taxpayers as of December 2020
  • Serbia and Cyprus will introduce mandatory B2G e-Invoicing from January 1, 2022

After years of exploring the feasibility of building an e-Invoicing interoperability framework for the USA, The Business Payments Coalition, backed by the Federal Government, is preparing to launch an in-market pilot program in early 2022. This is a highly significant milestone for the US in the push for wide-scale e-Invoicing adoption.

Japan’s Digital Agency established its Access Point with PEPPOL Network on September 14, 2021. From here, the Digital Agency will become the central governmental PEPPOL authority in Japan. This is all part of Japan’s move to mandate tax compliant e-Invoicing before October 2023.

Albania has sped up its e-Invoicing regulation for B2B and B2C cash transactions since July. All taxpayers, including all businesses as well as the public sector, must now declare their invoices in real-time with the government.

Russia has also introduced its new e-Invoicing traceability system which went live in July this year. B2B e-Invoicing is now mandatory for taxpayers dealing with traceable goods such as industrial trucks, household and laundry facilities, etc.

We are expecting further development elsewhere in the coming months. Electronic tax reporting will be mandatory in Greece starting November 2021. Bolivia will resume its implementation process for e-Invoicing and will require large companies to issue e-Invoices from December 2021. Saudi Arabia will mandate e-Invoicing for all taxpayers as of December 2021.  From January 1, 2022 onwards, Serbia and Cyprus will implement mandatory B2G e-Invoicing.

As usual, we’ve gathered all of the latest news on all of these items, and more into our latest 2021 e-Invoicing outlook. Read the full news report here. 

Global B2G e-Invoicing compliance map

View our interactive map of global e-Invoicing mandates. Use this handy orienteering and reference tool to find the pertinent information affecting your applicable business markets in seconds.


The changing trends transforming Credit Management

On-site events are happening once again and Order2cash is keen to get back on the road and meet contacts in person. A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to attend the 4th FECMA Pan-European Credit Congress in Krakow, founded in 1986. This Congress has developed to become an ideal international, cross-border event where credit professionals from across Europe can gather to share knowledge, understanding, and experience on the topic of Credit Management.

The Congress highlighted the need to improve Credit Management and become more proactive, as it has become clear how vital the role plays in protecting the performance of companies. In many cases, Credit managers are proving key to the survival of organizations during these Covid times. Don’t miss out on reading an interesting article from our account manager, Fabio Santoro: Catch up on what’s happening in the world of the Credit manager. , where he shares his insights and some key takeaways from the event. It’s a good read.

Partnerships Announcement

Order2Cash is constantly looking to improve and enrich our order-to-cash solutions by adding new features and services that can better serve our customers in all markets. In recent months, we’ve excitedly announced strategic partnerships with three leading providers in the realms of Cash application and Reconciliation, Payment, Debt recovery and Collections. We are delighted to welcome Cashbook, Consolidated Recovery Group and Rapid Collections LLC into our community. Together, we look forward to amplifying and expanding our joint reach and capabilities globally.


CIO: What can the Order2Cah platform do for you?


Order2Cash recruitment drive continues

Our organization is scaling rapidly and we are currently seeking applicants for a number of vacancies. We have positions available in both the Netherlands and Poland. Perhaps your expertise and drive are what we are looking for?

View the vacancies here

Other events coming up…

Credit Expo Netherlands 2021: 28 Oct. | ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Credit Expo Netherlands is the largest event dedicated to credit management in The Netherlands. Our Director of Sales and Business Development, Dimitry Borgstijn will be hosting an eye-catching case presentation “Order-to-Cash and Smart e-Invoicing: the ultimate combination”. We are looking forward to interacting once again with what is always a valuable and trusted gathering of finance professionals. If you are interested in attending, register here.

AFP 2021: 7-10 Nov. | Washington, D.C. AFP 2021 will be held in Washington, D.C. This annual conference brings together hundreds of finance professionals from around the world. Due to the travel ban, this year we will be attending AFP virtual conference. Visit our AFP event page for upcoming Order2Cash sessions.

Credit Matters X: 10-12 Nov. | Prague. As Eastern Europe’s premier Order to Cash conference, this annual aims to give visitors insights into the latest trends and development affecting the global O2C market. Our Sales representative Nelie Noordenbos will be joining the round table on day 1. And Fabio Santoro, our account manager, will be sharing his insights on the complexity of e-Invoicing on day 2. For more information about the sessions, please visit Credit Matters X

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