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New Order2Cash whitepaper: The 3 C’s of global e-Invoicing

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After a year of disruption, Order2Cash wonders what lies ahead for the global e-Invoicing market? As companies worldwide are still reeling from months of market and operational pressure brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic we ask, are they better prepared to meet the challenges 2021 will bring?

In our new whitepaper, we take a deep dive into the current global e-Invoicing landscape and unravel a web of clearance, compliance and complexity. The whitepaper covers:

  • The 3C’s of e-Invoicing: A web of clearance, compliance and further complexity.
  • The current state-of-play: Examining the global e-Invoicing landscape in 2021.
  • The rise and dominance of the clearance model: Why the performance of Italy’s mandate may cause further disruption across Europe.
  • How to navigate this landscape and get ahead of your mandates. Suggestions for what to look for in a billing service provider.

Most importantly, the whitepaper contains a country-by-country overview of all known B2G e-Invocing mandates currently in operation so be sure to claim your free copy today. Remember, if you have any questions about interoperability with B2B/B2G invoice channels, or e-Invoicing in general, be sure to reach out to us.

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Elsewhere in e-Invoicing news

There’s a lot of activity currently happening in relation to B2G e-Invoicing mandates. The majority of B2G e-Invoicing mandates that were postponed in 2020 are expected to be reactivated in 2021. This includes countries like Poland, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Also, following on from the success of Italy’s B2B/B2G clearance model, countries like France and Greece are stepping up efforts to follow suit. Discussions on the merits of an e-Invoicing real-time tax clearance model are also happening within the German government at the moment. We’ll keep a close eye on how these discussions develop. Away from Europe, we’ve recently heard that Japan is looking to establish its own PEPPOL authority, making it the fourth country in that region to do so, after Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

This only scratches the surface, but we’ve gathered all of the latest news into our latest 2021 e-Invoicing outlook. Read the full details here. 


Global B2G e-Invoicing compliance map

View our interactive map of global e-Invoicing mandates. Use this handy orienteering and reference tool to find the pertinent information affecting your applicable business markets in seconds.


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Beyond e-Invoicing

Stop matching payments manually. Let us help you to reconcile +90% of all payments automatically. 

Order2Cash’s intelligent next-gen cash application solution is capable of matching millions of transactions in real-time, providing same-day reconciliation with unrivaled match rates. Our AI-driven cash application tool utilizes powerful machine-learning technology to receive, process, and auto-match high volumes of payments in seconds, from any Bank, ERP, country, or currency.

Stop losing time each month reconciling your payments; simply benefit from:

  • Same-day cash application, with a 91% Full Payment Processing Rate (FPPR)
  • An 85% reduction in manual processing
  • A 99% reduction in unapplied cash
  • Shortened DSO and 70% average annual cost savings

Our solution will help your team to close the books much quicker each month and to focus your attention on exceptions only. With a one-click exception matching process and all remittance and check captures included, your team will be able to retain full audit control and introduce a smarter and faster way of processing and matching payments throughout your organization.

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