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Accelerate your AR processes

As an AR/Billing Manager, you are charged with overseeing accounts receivable for your company; one of the most business-critical processes.  Your main focus is to ensure the success and efficiency of the billing process and all associated activity. Whether you talk about the process as order-to-cash, invoice-to-cash, or simply accounts receivable, the goal is the same; to ensure that the notice of amounts owed is delivered to the customer and to ensure that all clients pay what’s due, and hopefully on time.

The Order2Cash platform can truly accelerate your order to cash processes. All activity, data and communication tools become executable through a single platform. Plan, execute, monitor and report on all payment activity. Share sub-process data with all departments and gain a clear, real-time insight into your receivables.

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Ensure that accurate invoice generation, compliance and delivery are assured worldwide.

An AR Manager needs to oversee the day-to-day operations of the billing department and ensure that everything is accurate and executed in a timely fashion. You need to ensure that all invoices are created and generated accurately, in line with any regional compliance regulations. We can assure global compliance. Your invoices need to be sent in a timely fashion to customers and other contacts, in accordance with the format and delivery methods those customers demand.  We have an unparalleled interoperability network and can ensure you can deliver invoices anywhere, any time, in any format. 

Utilize the most sophisticated electronic invoicing solution available

Our powerful, Gartner-recommended e-Invoicing solutions will ensure that every piece of relevant data is incorporated and reflected in each and every invoice. Send fully VAT and Tax complaint invoices anywhere in the world, at the click of a button

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Make it easy for customers to pay

Our payment acceleration features allow you to offer flexible, international payment options to all customers. Allow them to pay in a method that suits their needs; from online standards such as Credit Card and PayPal through to Direct Debit B2B e-mandates and more.

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Effective debtor management through clear communication

Control the conversation at all times with each and every debtor. Utilize our intelligent dunning workflow solutions to handle all your reminder and dunning activity. Build specific workflows to suit each customer, or target groups and stop debt from turning sour unneccesarily.


Credit Management solutions

Collect your money without souring customer relations

The collection process is important, you need to retrieve what is rightfully owed after all. That does not mean, however, that it has to signify the termination of a business relationship with your customer. Our customer-focused collection solutions and services can help you with all pre-legal and legal collections, without ruining your chance of future business with important parties.

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A single platform to manage your entire order to cash cycle

It’s not merely a statement: we have delivered a single platform to manage your entire receivables process. From credit risk and customer assessment tools to complete invoice generation and delivery solutions. From online payment acceleration options to extensive credit management and collection control features, the Order2Cash platform is the solution you’ve always wanted but never thought was possible.

The Order2Cash platform

“Everything related to invoicing in one platform. That’s efficient.”

Marvin Koopmans, Team Leader Invoicing & Debtor Management at Connexxion.

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The Order2Cash platform