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Simplify your world and improve results

CFOs have more responsibility than ever before. They oversee global operations that contribute billions of dollars in revenue to their companies but need to simplify complex processes and systems for the digital era.  Here’s how Order2Cash empowers the CFO with straight-through processes and data visibility.


Rationalize Supplier Pools

Global companies work with thousands of suppliers, creating economic and process waste. Order2Cash helps CFOs rationalize supplier pools with one portal for all order and accounts receivable processes. Eliminate redundancy, reduce costs, and enhance communications.

Improve Customer Communications

Ensure seamless communications with customers, from initial credit checks and contracts through invoicing, payment, and collection processes. Empower marketing, sales, and finance staff to better segment customers and apply more focused and appropriate working rules.

Boost customer satisfaction and improve performance

Utilize your transparent communication flows to ensure higher customer satisfaction, better retention rates, and faster payments. Reduce day sales outstanding by up to 20%.

End Department Silos

Companies today have multiple departments that handle customer and finance processes, creating silos. Use Order2Cash to enhance collaboration and communication among teams, reducing wasted effort. Get real-time access to valuable data previously was buried in email, spreadsheets, and applications.

Increase Operational Effectiveness

Reduce team effort on low-level processes, such as data gathering. Benefit from real-time dashboards, digital workflows, and reporting that can be customized with a few clicks. Redeploy personnel on higher-value duties, such as exception management, customer communications, and process optimization.

Control the conversation with every customer

Order2Cash enables your organization to control every touch point with your customer. Monitor, track, and report upon every single interaction your teams have with clients. Get a real-time overview of the status of each and every order. Only with Order2Cash can you gain a deeper understanding of how, why and when your customers conduct business with you.   

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