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Address Customer Risks in Real-Time

Risk Managers ensure decisions on new business and existing customers are made in line with the company’s risk appetite. They work with key departments to reduce customer risk before the start of relationships. They also perform ongoing assessments of customer portfolios and key business risks.

Pre-assess all customers and prospects

Managing risk effectively requires in-depth knowledge of customers and prospects and their payment behavior. With access to in-depth credit reports and intelligent decision model tooling, the Order2Cash platform can help you to gauge risk in seconds using factual data, not guesswork.

Credit Risk & Customer Assessment solutions

Optimize Processes Continuously

Review current processes and use analytics and customer feedback to optimize processes every quarter. Empower staff to work more effectively. Reduce process waste and human error that add costs, delays, and other issues, to your order to cash cycle.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Use Order2Cash’s digital processes and real-time data to negotiate insurance premium discounts with your provider. Implementing just one module can save you 0.3%. Imagine what deploying the entire platform can do for your insurance premiums.

Reduce Risk Using Digital Payments

Enable customers to pay how they want to, using integrated functionality in digital invoices to accelerate payment. Accept a wide array of digital payments. Avoid the “check is in the mail” promises that add uncertainty to financial processes.

Online Payment solutions

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