SaaS & ERP Integration Live Webinar - Order2Cash

About the Webinar

We want every customer to be able to connect with our platform in a fast and reliable manner. We’re committed to getting every new customer onboarded within 1-3 months, no matter the scale of their project.

To hear how we utilize SnapLogic technology, in partnership with Rojo Consultancy to realize fast, secure, and reliable data connections, join us in this upcoming webinar.

What you'll learn

1. The latest industry trends and proven integration strategies.
2. The best practices to help you roll out and integrate new SaaS solutions in your organization using SnapLogic.
3. How Order2Cash drove our Saas Integration vision successfully.

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Dayle Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at SnapLogic

Marco Eeman, Chief Technology Officer at Order2Cash

John Bilay, Chief Technology Officer at Rojo Consultancy


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