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What if you could reconcile over 90% of all payments automatically?

Matching incoming payments back to invoice level used to be a chore; but no longer. Our intelligent auto-matchmaking software automates almost every payment processing task. Automate your B2B/B2C payment processes, bank reconciliations, and collections. Our cash application tool will save you time, reduce costs and allow you to focus employee attention onto exceptions only.

Effortless reconciliation.

In theory, reconciling payments should be a breeze but in practice, it rarely is. The problems arise often due to a lack of information from multiple sources – poor bank references, lack of remittance information and multiple payments types. Sometimes, the need to manually register the information into the sales ledger can delay reconciliation further. Deposits in transit. Outstanding checks. Non-sufficient funds. There are so many factors that slow down, confuse, or even allow human error to play a factor in the reconciliation process. Let us alleviate that pressure.

Our next-gen cash application software delivers an out-of-the-box reconciliation solution that offers unrivaled match rates with any ERP, bank or payment type. There’s no quicker way to keep your ledger in balance.


Cash application solution architecture

Any bank, payment type, ERP or currency

Our cash application software offers unrivaled performance when compared to other similar tools. Our exceptional auto-match rate of over 90% pays testament to our continued drive to streamline and simplify the reconciliation process.

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Could our cash application tool help your organization balance its books?

Recognize any of these factors in your daily work?:

  • Little automation within your reconciliation activity
  • A high volume of payments to reconcile
  • High levels of un-applied cash
  • Customer service issues
  • A lack of reporting capabilities
  • Lack of I.T. Support

If so, then make cash application a part of your overall Order2Cash platform.

Always on. Always learning.

Cash allocation machine learing example

Match millions of transactions in the blink of an eye.

Our intelligent finance solution has the ability to match millions of transactions in real-time.

  • Its self-learning engine automatically matches bank to the general ledger
  • It can handle multiple bank files and formats; loading them in seconds
  • It utilizes a fully digital audit trail and sign-off process
  • It can import and aggregate multiple data sets
  • It visualizes the majority of information into a single dashboard, for immediate insight into the most common items of interest
  • It supports you with real-time reporting capabilities for thorough analysis

Let us talk you through our platform 1-on-1.

Discover how our single software solution for the entire order to cash cycle will help you to reduce costs, improve cash flow and minimize credit risk. You will talk to one of our staff members in person, who will guide you through a demo version of our platform online. No strings attached.