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Contract2Sign: Move faster. Succeed better.

Contract2Sign enables you to accelerate your onboarding processes by streamlining and automating your contract management workflows. By eliminating the costly and time-consuming paper flows related to contract audits and signing processes you can act faster, become more transparent and meet customer expectations.

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Why use our secure signing solution?

Use Contract2Sign to authenticate, sign, distribute and store customer or supplier contracts and other documentation online. Our secure signing solution enables you to:

Tailor eSigning processes to your internal business workflows and controls

Monitor the signing process with your online dashboard, identifying and addressing any delays

Grant and control secure access and authorization rights online

Significantly reduce the time between agreeing to a deal and beginning work

Access, process, and sign electronic documents anywhere, anytime

Benefit from using a signing process that’s more secure and legally defensible than paper­‐based processes

Which documents does Contract2Sign handle?

Contract2Sign has been designed to work with any type of document; whether they require a single or multiple signatures. Contract2Sign is powered by the strongest electronic signature software available, enabling you to do business globally with ease. Currently we process and sign millions of documents that include:

  • Contracts
  • Partner Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Expense sheets
  • Work Orders
  • NDA’s
  • SLA’s

Contract2Sign fully automates the entire signing process, utilising digital workflow and approval steps that are totally transparent and traceable. The electronic documents are delivered across the channels you designate, making signing easy and painless for your customers. Key checkpoints ensure that contracts are validated before being sent to customers, while digital signatures authenticate documents and enforce the legal status.

Customer Success Story

One of Europe’s largest employment services companies has outsourced their document workflow and contract signing processes to Anachron. With our Contract2Sign solution they are able to speed up the process for temporary employment, professional secondment and other projects. In addition to speeding up their processes significantly, the company has also gained a much greater transparency of all its ongoing document flows, approvals and signing procedures. The solution consists of tailor made document workflows, approval steps and role-based authorisation structures. Contract2Sign delivers contracts instantly via e-mail, allowing the receiver to sign documents via e-mail or phone.