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Credit controlled.

Protecting cash flow has never been easier. Managing communications with all debtors through our single cockpit makes it easy to assess, control and reduce the risk incurred by unpaid receivables. 

Move credit management online and take control of all debtor communications

Credit management is fundamental to the sustainability and development of any business but is often a very reactive process. Order2Cash gives you the tools and data needed to change that. Becoming more proactive will help you to reduce DSO, accelerate payment timetables and manage business risk effectively.

Our comprehensive online credit management solution focuses on automating a range of actions related to the management of high volumes of debtors, or debtors with a troublesome portfolio. Assign all regular invoices to a  standard workflow and use our credit management software to focus on the exceptions. Handle all actions relating to credit control, dunning, and debt collection while simultaneously optimizing your customer management activities.

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Clear, efficient and appropriate credit management


Determining how and when to communicate with debtors can be the key to achieving your strategic goals and protecting cash flow levels. Our credit management solution will enable you to take control of all credit management processes and improve debtor communication at all levels:

Take a look under the hood.

Gain a deeper insight into debtors

Evaluate customers’ solvency and determine risk-assessment quickly and efficiently. Secure your receivables where necessary and keep track of all ongoing customer relationships. 

Accelerate all dunning and collection activity

Collect your invoices quickly using dynamic, targeted dunning workflows. Monitor progress on bad-debt sent to collection agencies, for complete, real-time insight into all cash-flow activity.

Global support, local focus

Our software offers multi-lingual, currency and device support for clear and appropriate communication with all debtors.

All financial data at your fingertips

Handle an unlimited number of administrations through one interface. Gain a total enterprise view of all your customers and their payment behavior. Deep dive, where necessary, to individual customers for detailed analysis.

Dunning done well

Tailor dunning workflows and business rules to individual debtors or segments. Automate collection rules and handle all disputes and collections within a single platform. Ensure compliance with all AR policies and procedures.

Monitor your cash flow in real-time

Track the status of open invoices with up-to-the-minute progress reports on every order. Make accurate payment forecasts based on real analytics and customer behavior over time. Use the data to re-shape your policies and prevent future issues occuring.

Why handle your credit management and dunning activity with Order2Cash?

We have made it possible for you to oversee all open and historical financial data and customer information through a single interface. Create specific dunning workflows, timelines and payment rules for different target groups or individual customers.  Track and trace all invoice and payment history through your dashboard and handle all disputes direct from within the platform. You can also instigate and monitor all bad-debt collection procedures, giving you complete, real-time transparency of the entire process.

Using our credit management solution, you’ll be able to quickly reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and accelerate payment timetables, maintaining a healthy cash flow as you operate and expand your business.

Manage cash flow with real-time reporting

Credit Management Reporting

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