Credit Risk & Customer Assessment - Order2Cash

Pre-assess all customers and prospects to ensure maximum profitability

Get to know your customers and prospects. Quickly.

Credit check all potential customers and suppliers in seconds. Tailor specific decision models for all segments. Keep track of customer creditworthiness and create alerts to inform you when circumstances change.

Minimize risk without affecting customer relationships

Use Order2Cash to adopt a variable credit policy that, through clear communication,  provides the protection your company demands without causing friction among your customer base.

Gauge creditworthiness in seconds

Gather credit data from your preferred sources. Get the information you need on every prospect and customer you wish to work with. Gain access to reports from over 180 nations worldwide.

Analyze debtor behavior

Garner customer payment and behavioral data to further inform your decision making. Construct a series of decision models to support your various customer segments and target groups.

Control every interaction

Adapt and transform models using real-time order information and status tracking. Establish rigid guidelines and process flows to ensure your risk management goals are maintained. Utilize behavioral analysis from across your finance department to refine all models.

Stay alert to prevent risk

Benefit from early warning alerts to highlight potential risks before they occur. Monitor the ongoing health of your customers' financial state and make sure your customers retain creditworthiness for the entirety of your partnership.


Discover how our single software solution for the entire Order to Cash process will help you to reduce costs, improve cash flow and minimize credit risk.

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