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Credit2Control: Control risk and grow your business

Use Credit2Control to manage your customers’ credit risk easily and effectively. You can use our online dashboard to monitor all of your customers at a glance or drill down on individual companies and their behaviour. Review company activity on an ongoing basis, identifying early warning signs, handling disputes within our online platform and managing collections easily and cost-effectively.

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Why use our online credit management solution?

Credit2Control empowers you with the data and reporting tools you need to protect your cash flow levels and make accurate payment forecasts based on real analytics and not guesswork. Gain an enterprise view of all your customers and their payment behavior:

Global multi-lingual and currency multi-device solution supporting unlimited number of administrations

Suitable for high volumes of invoices and debtors

Tailor workflow and business rules to individual customers

Use detailed internal and external credit scoring to do a deep dive on individual customers

Ensure compliance with accounts receivable (AR) policies and procedures

Automate collection rules and handle all disputes and collections within a single platform

Make accurate payment forecasts based on real analytics that include history

Multi-channel communication tools, including online within Invoice2Deliver, e-Mail, cellular text messages and traditional print & post

Intuitive and configurable dashboards at administration level and at portfolio level

How can Credit2Control help your business?

Credit2Control is a comprehensive online credit management solution that’s ready-to-use. Our solution focuses on automating a range of actions related to the management of high volumes of debtors, or debtors with a troublesome portfolio. While your regular invoices are automatically subjected to a workflow, Credit2Control enables you to focus on and execute actions relating to credit control and collections, while simultaneously optimizing your customer management activities.

Our solution enables you to oversee all financial and customer history information through a single platform. Create specific workflows, timelines and payment rules for different target groups or individual customers.  Track and trace all invoice, customer behaviour and payment history through the dashboard and handle all disputes direct from within the platform. You can also instigate and monitor all collection procedures from within Credit2Control’s dashboard, for complete transparency of the entire process.

Many companies choose to use Credit2Control in conjunction with other Order2Cash solutions, including Invoice2Deliver and Accept2Pay to automate their important financial processes and link them all through a single platform. By using our credit management solution, you’ll be able to quickly reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and accelerate payment timetables, maintaining a healthy cash flow as you operate and expand your business.

Customer success story

Order2Cash within Loven Trucks means utilizing the best of both worlds – Automated invoice delivery with Invoice2Deliver and credit management with Credit2Control

Loven Trucks sends more than 90% of its invoices electronically via Anachron’s Invoice2Deliver solution, including those that need to be sent across different networks, like Basware. Loven Trucks have added Credit2Control to their Order2Cash solution to give their unpaid invoices the necessary attention they require. Managing their entire billing process through Order2Cash has enabled Loven Trucks to rapidly accelerate their order to cash process, making it easier for their customers to conduct business with them and improve their overall service levels.

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