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Retrieve what you’re owed.

Our no win, no fee collection services offer you peace of mind. Our international debt collection services maximize recovery rates on commercial bad debt and ensure that you receive the highest return on every amount placed with us. Our customer-friendly communication strategy also allows for effective debt recovery without damaging customer relationships. 

Open communication is the key to successful debt collection

The goal of debt collection is to gain the best possible result without alienating the customer. After all, it should be possible to collect an amount without damaging the potential for future business opportunities. Open, honest and appropriate communication with debtors is the basis for successful debt collection. We understand that one size can not fit all; after all, every business is different, as is every debtor and their situation. Order2Cash will work closely with you and your teams to establish a clear identity for your client and seek to understand all the factors preventing them from settling your bills. From there, we will select an appropriate debtor-communication workflow to help achieve a concrete solution.

Step-by-step appropriate communication with debtors

We use a variety of communication channels to gain direct contact with your debtors. Mailings, both print and online, phone calls and messaging software (SMS/Whatsapp etc.) help us to initiate the conversation and once in contact, we will work with the debtor to arrange a satisfactory payment scheme

Legal debt-recovery

If pre-minders and reminders can't achieve results, then we will also be on hand to oversee any legal collections on your behalf, thus forcing your delinquent customers to settle their account.

International debt recovery

Many of Order2Cash’s clients conduct business internationally, across numerous territories and geographies. To us, collecting an international claim should be as convenient as any domestic claim. Our multi-lingual approach ensures you retain global support with a local flavor. Collection and reminder letters, email demands, and other communication templates can all be customized to reflect the culture and practices of debt collection in any country you conduct business within.

Order2Cash can help you to collect delinquent AR assignments in more than 125 countries. We can also file suit on your behalf, wherever you need to. Our longstanding strategic partnerships with collection agencies, attorneys and private investigator networks around the globe make us the smart choice to meet your international receivables management challenges.

Let us talk you through our platform

Discover how our single software solution for the entire order to cash cycle will help you to reduce costs, improve cash flow and minimize credit risk. You will talk to one of our staff members in person, who will guide you through a demo version of our platform online. No strings attached.