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Document2Store moves and delivers your documents online.

Many companies run transaction-intensive businesses, using leases and contracts to conduct critical operations. These firms don’t have time for paper-based processes. Document2Store enables you to move all of your documentation online, automating and streamlining the delivery, turnaround and approval processes associated with them.

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Why use our document solutions?

Use Document2Store to automate and manage contracts, leases and more. Deliver a superior customer experience to your clients and gain greater control of all documentation and associated workflows. Our document solutions enable you to:

Establish specific workflows and approval checks for intuitive onboarding of new vendors, customers and employees

Enhance collaboration within your organization with automated document flows

Improve the alignment of different roles and authorization structures

Retain control over data and documents, leading to better accountability and financial results

Improve overall visibility and gain the ability to drill down and analyze individual processes

Offer multi-channel delivery options to suit your customers’ needs

Create an online, auditable archive of all document processes, formats and data

Answer customer questions swiftly, resolving any issues

Provide customer access to their online document archive and use our multi-channel delivery options; including print & post, online, e-Mail and cellular phone

What document types can Document2Store handle?

Move and deliver any document online

You can use Document2Store for any type of document, although many customers choose to focus on financial paperwork, where time and accuracy are of the essence. These documents include business and employment contracts, partner agreements, purchase orders (POs) and work orders, insurance policies, expense sheets, paychecks, lease agreements, non-­disclosure agreements (NDAs), and service-­level agreements (SLAs).

Online visibility via the Document2Store dashboard

You can use our Document2Store dashboard to review:

  • The number of documents that have been uploaded, viewed, disputed and resolved
  • Delivery methods used
  • Regions supported
  • Recipient account information and delivery preference

Quickly identify and react to any process delays, enabling you to keep business on track. In addition, going paperless with our document solutions will reduce your staff and processing costs, while helping you achieve sustainability goals.

Customer Success Story

One of our customers, a leading member of an international life insurance group that services over 40 million customers, uses Document2Store to address their document needs. As a specialized Accident Insurance provider they are focused on delivering uncomplicated insurance plans. They send out thousands of insurance plans every month. Electronic copies of all documentation delivered by Print & Post are made readily available and archived within Document2Store. This living archive enables their customer service agents across Europe to respond swiftly to customer requests and questions. Their customers also gain access to a complete overview of all documentation, allowing for greater interaction and a better overall customer experience.

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