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Seamless, future-proof, global outbound e-Invoicing

Our Gartner recommended electronic invoicing solutions to ensure that you can conduct business quickly and efficiently around the world.

Automate the delivery of invoices

To any client, no matter where they are located.

Transform invoice data into any delivery format

Let your clients choose the delivery format and send invoices via any required B2B or B2G channel.

Standardize your invoicing process

Make sure that every item of relevance is included in each document.

Accelerate your entire billing process

Deliver high volumes instantaneously.

Global B2G e-Invoicing compliance map

View our interactive map of global e-Invoicing mandates. Use this handy orienteering and reference tool to find the pertinent information affecting your applicable business markets in seconds.

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Forget digital and think electronic. Move beyond e-Mail and PDF delivery.

True electronic invoicing requires more than sending an email with a PDF attachment. Forget about sending a facsimile document and present true electronic invoices to your clients. We support a range of international standards; including UBL, XML, CSV, FacturaE, FatturaPA, PEPPOL BIS and more.

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Fully compliant global invoice presentment

Conducting international business has never been easier. Benefit from faster, standardized e-Invoicing across all the product lines, business areas, and geographies you operate in. Fully compliant. Always.

Close to 80 countries are now mandating e-Invoicing

Do you know which ones? Find a country-by-country overview, including links to many governing authorities and their chosen platforms inside our whitepaper.

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Read more about the benefits of our e-Invoicing solution

The benefits of electronic invoicing

  • Automate former manual processes, reducing the cost of invoice handling
  • Eliminate the cost and waste of paper‐based invoicing
  • Correct invoice errors quickly and easily, to reduce exception handling
  • Provide better customer service to all buyers
  • Reduce DSO (day sales outstanding) and improve your company’s overall cash position
  • Outsource print & post activities via our global partner network and build a complete legal invoice archive of all your documents

European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association member.
Verified PEPPOL access point.

Order2Cash: EESPA member, PEPPOL access point

“Everything related to invoicing in one platform. That’s efficient.”

Marvin Koopmans, Connexxion.

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Learn How Hertz Saves Millions

“In the first year we were able to realize a significant cost saving of 25%, but more than that, we have been able to greatly improve the customer experience for many of our clients.” Carsten Muessig, Hertz

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Order2Cash e-Invoicing dashboard

Utilize the most sophisticated e-Invoicing solution available

Our feature-rich invoicing platform caters to an extensive range of invoicing requirements. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the key functions and capabilities of the platform.

  • High volume batch invoice processing
  • Seamless ERP connectivity and reporting capabilities
  • Multi-format data transformation and presentment
  • Extensive connectivity with the world’s leading B2B Accounts Payable network channels such as Ariba, Basware, Tradseshift, Tungsten network and many more
  • International B2G invoicing with trusted government-preferred invoice channels like Digipoort (Netherlands), Face (Spain), Cegediem (France), SDI (Italy) and much more
  • Quarantine approval workflows
  • Full VAT compliance for every geo-location
  • Multi-language and currency support
  • Complete audit trail tracking for every order; including timestamps, e-signatures, delivery times, opens, clicks and interactions
  • Comprehensive data dashboards showing real-time status tracking on every document
  • 7-year archive as a standard for all documentation
  • Every invoice and related attachments archived for senders and receivers

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