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As the number of B2G and B2B e-Invoicing mandates continues to rise, compliance is now of major concern to every company or organization conducting business in those countries now enforcing the use of electronic invoicing. Order2Cash is aware of close to 80 countries currently mandating e-Invoicing to some extent.  There are many other projects being prepared elsewhere and so we expect this list of mandates to grow consistently over the next few years.

To help you navigate around this complex landscape, Order2Cash has created the interactive map below as a handy orienteering and reference tool. Use the map to find pertinent information for all of your applicable business markets.

How to use the map.

  • Hover over a country to receive a pop-up-overview of that country’s mandatory e-Invoicing requirements.
  • Use the zoom button in the top left-hand corner to examine the map in greater detail.
  • The map is color-coded to provide a quick reference as to where tax authorities have implemented clearance models (orange) or post-audit models (blue).
  • Details for each country include the system being used, the current status of the mandate, the chosen platform(s) and format(s) accepted. You will also find the length of the legal document storage period details of the relevant tax authority.

Whitepaper: The 3C's of global e-Invoicing - A web of clearance, compliance and complexity

Need further information on any of the B2G e-Invoicing mandates referenced on the map? Find a country-by-country overview with direct links to many of the platforms and governing authorities in our free whitepaper.

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