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The countdown to KSeF has begun. The Polish government will activate its B2B e-Invoicing mandate in January 2024. We can assist you in connecting to the KSeF central e-Invoicing portal and, as one of the first fully approved Access Points for the B2G PEF portal,  we are one of the very few providers who can ensure that all of your invoices remain fully compliant.

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There are now over 80 mandatory e-invoicing regulations across the globe, and the lack of standardization amongst these different e-invoicing regulations has become a bigger problem than many companies tend to realize, especially for those companies that deal with both domestic and foreign e-invoicing mandates. This results in a greater level of complexity.

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Latest e-Invoicing mandate updates for Poland

B2B e-Invoicing mandate via KSeF by 2022 in Poland

updated on Dec. 2021

Following the success of Italy’s clearance e-Invoicing platform SDI, the Parliament of the Republic of Poland published a draft law on the introduction of e-Invoicing in B2B transactions on 5 Feb 2021. This amendment states that e-Invoicing will be processed via a centralized government platform called Krajowy System e-Faktur (KSeF). Taxpayers will be using the system voluntarily from Jan. 2022 (initially scheduled for Oct. 2021) to issue and receive structured e-invoices for approval. B2B e-Invoicing will become mandatory in Jan. 2023. During the voluntary phase, the government’s original B2G e-Invoicing system PEF will work in parallel to the new KSeF system and will be expected to be integrated as of Jan. 2024.

Timelines for mandatory e-Invoicing via KseF:

  • January 2022: Voluntary phase
  • January 2024: Mandatory phase for all businesses registered in Poland

Businesses who voluntarily issue e-invoices via KSeF in 2022 will be rewarded a shorter VAT refund period (within 40 days instead of 60 days) and an exemption from having to declare the  JPK_FA file (report of invoices).

Krajowy System e-Faktur (KSeF)

KseF is a centralized government e-Invoicing system for the issuance, reception, and archive of e-Invoices in XML format. This new e-Invoicing system is very similar to the Italian national e-Invoicing system SDI, where all invoices must be declared via a central platform before the sender sends it to the buyer. According to the law, taxpayers must issue invoices via an API communication to KSeF. Each invoice will be timestamped in the KSeF system, and once the invoice is validated, an identifying number will be assigned.

Poland extends the deadline for B2G e-Invoicing mandate

updated on Nov. 2021

Poland has postponed their B2G e-Invoicing mandate deadlines. The deadline for large companies and enterprises came into effect in December 2020 but the deadline for SMEs has been pushed to 1 June  2021, and 31 Dec 2021 for micro-enterprises. Issuing e-Invoices has been working on a voluntary basis, while the receiving of e-Invoices is mandatory for all central and local authorities. All the public authorities have to register their accounts on the PEF platform, thus every invoice sent in a structured electronic way must be transmitted through the platform. Economic operators can also use the platform which is free of charge, but they can also decide to use other market solutions.

The platform will only allow the exchange of EN conformant eInvoices – using PEPPOL eDelivery Network and Access Points. End-users will be able to use an eInvoicing platform as well via web and desktop applications as via their software, thanks to the simple API interface that was successfully prepared.

The use of structured e-Invoices in Poland is currently low. This is the main reason why the B2G mandate has been phased and delayed. Nevertheless, one of the main goals of the developed PEF platform is to encourage issuers to handle eInvoices.


Order2Cash is a certified PEPPOL Approved Access Point in Poland

Order2Cash (Anachron Technology Poland) is a certified Peppol Approved Access Point in Poland. As one of the first service providers to have achieved certification in the country, Order2Cash can now enable the exchange of electronic documents between any entities registered in the Peppol network and the Polish government’s PEF platform. Read more about the PEF platform and other mandatory delivery information on eFaktura.gov.pl.

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