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A single platform to manage your entire order to cash cycle

Convert financial processes into competitive advantage

Companies everywhere have automated critical financial processes, such as accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) but often still lack a complete view of their enterprise decision-making, customer base and online behaviour. Order2Cash will enable you to streamline processes instantly, increase your workforce productivity and create online visibility across each step of your order to cash process.

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Why use our Order2Cash solutions?

The Order2Cash platform contains interlocked SaaS solutions that you can easily activate. Its modular approach enables you to select the services that meet your business requirements. The Order2Cash platform consists of the following solutions:

Document2Store – Moves and delivers your documents online

Contract2Sign – Speeds up your contract signing process

Invoice2Deliver – Provides you with instant invoice delivery and B2B & B2G network connectivity

Accept2Pay – Accelerates your finance by receiving payments from anywhere

Credit2Control – Unlocks the power of your business

The full Order2Cash platform, containing all modules

Your global end-to-end order to cash platform

Accelerate your order to cash process today!

Order2Cash reduces the cost, time, and risk to run your business. Enterprises of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies can connect quickly to Order2Cash. What our customers all have in common is a desire to transform their businesses, streamlining each step of the order to cash cycle, from sales order management to order fulfilment, billing, credit management and cash collection. – Where finance moves faster

  • The only ready to use end to end order to cash solution for both Fortune 500 & Mid Enterprise companies


  • Gain instant, accurate 360-degree insights into your buyers, their invoice processing, payment behaviour and their creditworthiness
  • Connect from anywhere in the world to our Gartner recognized pure play platform to automate and streamline your global or regional order to cash processes online, within one self-service platform
  • Use our complete solution or select separate, self-service solutions and speed up the pace of doing business

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recognized self-service solution

  • Speed up the pace of your business from initial Order Intake and Contract Signing through to e-Invoicing, Payments,  Credit Management and beyond
  • Move more of your business online, reducing cost and risk
  • Connect your departments and businesses via one intuitive solution and automate recurring processes
  • Scale up your business to serve new customers, add new products and enter new markets