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Structure automatic payment processes for recurring customers

eMandates, or Direct Debit payments are one of the safest and most reassuring methods for securing payment from customers. Payments are made automatically,  so invoices are never forgotten, lost in the post or mislaid. A Direct Debit guarantee with a customer can protect your business and its cash flow. The method is supported by a broad number of banks and building societies within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and is very common within the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) world. Nowadays, the method is also becoming a popular payment option for Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships and Order2Cash is pleased to offer support for SEPA Direct Debits to all its customers.

Order2Cash SEPA e-mandates

Secure and reliable payments

B2B Direct Debits provide more security and reduce your financial risk. B2B eMandates allow you to collect sums automatically from the account of your customer. Our intuitive online registration workflow enables you to sign-up customers quickly and reduce the amount of process-related personnel costs that currently delay your onboarding activities.

Order2Cash’s eMandate payment services significantly reduce the throughput time of agreeing and activating a deal. Handling, and agreeing on, the mandate online eliminates all paper-flows, allowing for quicker registration with the customers’ bank. This means your contract is activated much quicker and the work you’ve agreed upon can commence quicker too.

B2B Direct Debit agreements

Online, legally binding payment authorization process

  • Save time across every authorization process
  • Optimize each process step and reduce admin work
  • Lower the overall number and types of refunds
  • Meet the needs and demands of your clients
  • Control the identity of each new client
  • Internationally scalable

Managing SEPA Direct Debits via Order2Cash

The SEPA Direct Debit is the European standard for direct debits. It is a widely used method for collecting amounts due; such as rents, energy bills, insurance premiums or subscription fees. Order2Cash enables you to handle all Direct Debits online with your customer. Simply enter the contract period and the amount once and you can automatically collect until the mandate is canceled. Or you can define a different amount for each collection. Quick and efficient.

Creation of SEPA Direct Debits

Creating new eMandates is easy to arrange and can be done in a number of ways:

  • Through our interface
  • By uploading a CSV file
  • Directly from your accounting, ERP or CRM package
  • Via API
  • Fully automated via Order2Cash, especially suitable for subscriptions and payment plans

Perfect for collecting subscription fees

Until recently, Direct Debits could only be set up using a paper workflow method; resulting in a lot of administrative interventions and unnecessary delays. With Order2Cash, you can set up, manage and collect your (B2B) direct debits using our digital workflow, making it quicker and easier to arrange for all parties.

Order2Cash’s Direct Debit services allow you to select the type of subscription you want to set up. Define the name, the installment amount, the duration, the collection interval and the direct debit details of each subscription. You can also add one-off payments.

We will ensure that the transactions are delivered periodically to your bank or just prepare them for you if you prefer. This way the continuity of the collections is guaranteed. Our intuitive interface also enables you to easily start, stop, interrupt or upgrade a subscription, at any time, for one or several of your customers.

Manage all eMandates through the Order2Cash platform

For businesses; using Direct Debits means a reduced workload and paperwork burden for your finance department. The Order2Cash platform enables you to archive all documentation online. Your customer will conclude their direct debit by signing our digital mandate. Copies of all mandates are emailed to your customer and archived, for your convenience, within the Order2Cash platform.

You can immediately make changes and view the status of all direct debit payments. If your client changes or cancels their mandate, you will be immediately informed. We will ensure that your archive is always available and always up-to-date. Existing direct debits can also be imported so that you can manage both your CORE and B2B mandates in one place.

Ask us about eMandates and B2B Direct Debits

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