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Move faster. Succeed better.

Turn around completed contracts in minutes, even when multiple signatures are necessary with our intuitive digital signing solution.

A fast, secure and easy way to send and retrieve contracts.

Accelerate customer onboarding by moving your contract management workflows online. Eliminate the costly and time-consuming paper flows that currently hinder your contract audits and signing processes. Shorten this critical part your sales process; act faster, become more transparent and surpass customer expectations.

Quick, safe and secure

How long do you wait for a contract to be signed and returned? A few days, a week or perhaps longer?

Whatever your answer, that time frame can be reduced dramatically with our digital contract signing solution. Remove all bottlenecks from your selling cycle and start all business relationships off on a high note.

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Why use our secure signing solution?

No more time wasted

Significantly reduce the time between agreeing to a deal and beginning work. Turn around completed contracts in minutes, even when multiple signatures are required.

Intuitive workflows

Tailor eSigning processes to your internal business workflows and controls. Offer SMS/Email validation options to every signee.

Real-time status updates

Step-by-step progress reporting for senders and receivers. Keep delays to a minimum by utilizing our intelligent reminder options to prompt customers into signing.

Safe, secure and fully compliant

Enhance all E-signatures with a full audit trail and timestamp, using strong authentication and bank-level security standards. Benefit from using a signing process that’s more secure and legally defensible than paper­‐based processes

Suitable for a range of documentation

Our secure digital signing solution has been designed to work with a broad range of documentation; whether they require single or multiple signatures. We utilize the strongest electronic signature software available, enabling you to do business globally with ease. Currently, we process and sign millions of documents each year including:

  • Contracts
  • Partner Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Expense sheets
  • Work Orders
  • NDA’s
  • SLA’s

Order2Cash enables you to automate the entire signing process. The software’s digital workflow and approval steps are totally transparent and traceable. The electronic documents are delivered across the channels that you designate, making signing easy and painless for your customers. Key checkpoints ensure that contracts are validated before being sent to customers, while digital signatures authenticate documents and enforce the legal status.

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