How to change a receiver's delivery channel within Invoice2Deliver - Order2Cash

  A delivery channel determines how and where we deliver your invoices via Invoice2Deliver. We deliver invoices across the following channels:

  • E-mail
  • Print
  • Archive
  • Government/commercial channel AP

It is possible to change the delivery channel for a receiver. This must be undertaken by the sender of the invoice.

This how-to description uses Basware as an example but the same steps are also applicable to other delivery channels. * Please note, there are costs involved if you wish to transfer to another delivery channel. Please contact our support department for the latest cost indication.

Transferring a customer to a different delivery channel:

01.) Log into Invoice2Deliver.

02.) Check your default delivery channel and the available delivery channels by going to the Accounts tab > Settings-> go to Settings Connection & Processing. Our support department can set your default delivery channel settings, but you can see for yourself what your account and delivery channel settings are.

03.) Change the delivery channel from your recipients by going to the ‘Recipients‘ tab.

04.) Find the receiver to transfer and click on the customer number. Through the different filters, you can easily find the customer.

05.) Go to the tab ‘Delivery Channel‘ and select the desired delivery channel from the dropdown menu.

06.) Please fill in the ID field the right ‘e-invoice ID‘ or ‘e -invoicing ID.’ Note that this field does not necessarily have to be a VAT number. You can use the correct ID received from your customer or you can ask your client.

07.) Finally, click on “Save changes” to complete the transfer.

08.) If you have multiple customer numbers then you will need to repeat this procedure for all customer numbers. Contact the support team if your question can’t be answered using our help pages by using this form.